Full Moon

We offer a selection of full moon gift sets to announce the arrival of your bundle of joy! All sets include customised gift box packaging & gift tag. Minimum order per package is 12 sets.

Royal Ann
2 Milk Chocolate Eggs
2 Fondant Cupcakes

2 Milk Chocolate Eggs
1 Fondant Cookie

2 Milk Chocolate Eggs
1 Cake Parcel

2 Milk Chocolate Eggs
1 Candy Canister

Cherry Blossom 
1 Cake parcel
1 Choc Chip Cookies Canister

Customise your own full moon gift set! Just pick & choose!

Milk Chocolate Egg
Matte gold, matte silver, pretty pink, bright red and orange tangerine. Customisable with sticker/tag/message inside (additional charges apply)

Fondant Cupcake
Medium size (2.5oz)
Flavor: Chocolatey
Fully customisable
Popular designs: Pram, Teddy, Rocking Horse, Booties, Milk bottle, Diaper pin, Baby bib & Bodysuit.
Best to consume these within a day.

Cake Parcel
Utterly Buttery,  Lemon Aide or Cocoa Nut Cake Parcel wrapped in paper napkin and embellished with a ribbon. These can last 3 days.

Vanilla Butter flavor in the shape of a Teddy/Ducky/Bodysuit with fondant decoration.
Teddy can be customised with pink or blue bow.
These can last for about 2 weeks

Jellybeans/Marshmallows/Chocolate Kisses

Choc Chip Oatmeal Cookies Short Canister

Email your enquiries to Hui-Wearn at cherrycakedesigns@gmail.com