From the Oxford dictionary:

the cherry on the cake

desirable feature perceived as the finishing touch of something that is already very good

The Cherry on the Cake is created by Hui-Wearn, to cater for a growing demand for designer celebration cakes, themed dessert tables and parties. Hui-Wearn started baking & cake decorating as a hobby in March 2011 when she signed up for Wilton's cake decorating workshops. Subsequently, in the following year, she started taking cake orders and even completed a short working stint with Crumbs as cake designer. Since then, she has attended and successfully completed several cake decorating masterclasses with international cake artists. 2013 marks the birth of her own biz: The Cherry on the Cake.

The Cherry on the Cake consists of a team of cake designers and party planners based in KL/PJ (Malaysia), with Hui-Wearn as the principal designer/planner. The team is fully committed to making your special occasion a truly memorable one!

*UPDATED January 2015. 
We regret to inform you that we no longer take orders.

Warning! Our designer cakes & desserts are known to cause the following side effects:
1) You secretly ask your hubby to save extra portions of cake for you before it's all gone!
2) Kids squeal in delight at the sight of all the sweet treats!
3) Your salivary glands go into hyperdrive each time you lay your eyes on the cookies
4) You serve ultra mini slices of cakes to your guests so that there will be lots of leftovers for your own personal consumption
5) Post-party, you work out twice as hard at the gym and go on a strict diet

The Cherry on the Cake was managed by Blessed Kids Resources (001994962-W)