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Hayden's Jump Party

 Hayden's trampoline cake for a jump party at Jumpstreet Asia

Hayden's party packs with skipping ropes inside.

Leah's Peppa Pig Picnic Party (Party Planning)

Leah's 4th birthday cake: Peppa Pig Picnic

Kids had craft activities and a game: Pin Peppa's tail. 
Party favours include a jar of teddy biscuits.

Cupcake toppers for a celebration at kindergarten

M2U Pay

Here at The Cherry on the Cake, we accept payment for our goods & services via Maybank2U Pay. It's really an easy and super convenient way to pay! 

M2U Pay is a payment facility launched last year in 2013 with the aim of helping small home business/blogshop owners to manage and facilitate online transactions flawlessly.

The Cherry on the Cake currently uses M2U Pay as one of the payment options offered to our clients. With the simple click of a button (i.e. the bright yellow M2U Pay button on the sidebar), you can just make payment directly into our account without the need to key in any account number. Plus, you do not need to enclose/print any proof of payment slip. These shortcuts certainly saves you time and makes online payment so effortless - no fuss at all. 

As a small home business, M2U Pay provides a systematic and more organised method for sellers to manage online transactions as the name of the payee and other important details are reflected in the transaction history. There is also an email notification when payment is received. Thus it helps sellers to keep track of numerous online transactions and not be overwhelmed with collecting proof of payment slips and confusing transactions with the same amount of payment. 

The Cherry on the Cake has been using M2U Pay for more than 6 months and we are very happy with the convenience it offers - no glitches! We would encourage all small home business/blogshops to incorporate M2U Pay into their payment options. Interested in finding out more about M2U Pay? Check it out at the Maybank website.

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Under the Sea theme Desserts

 Buttercream cake with ruffles
Buttercream cupcakes with fondant decor

Fondant cookies

For a 1st birthday celebration

Individually packed cookies with edible image print

LEGO Ninjago Dessert Table & Party Planning

Daniel's LEGO Ninjago party held in conjunction with his 3rd birthday! 
Simple dessert table with cake, cookies and Japanese biscuits.

Ninjago Cake

Party favours

Catering at J Kids

Cake & Cookies: The Cherry on the Cake
Party planning: The Cherry on the Cake
Catering: Banana Cafe
Party Favors: The Cherry on the Cake
Photography: Photolink